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Director:Roy Chin

 Roy Chin is a Taiwanese director and screenwriter in film, TV and commercial productions. He is a two-time judge for Taiwan Golden Horse Award. Graduated from San Francisco Art Institute, he is deeply influenced by both Chinese and Foreign cinemas, gifted with Eastern and Western visions. Chin's best known works are: “The Game They Call Sex” (1987), co-directing with Sylvia Chang and Wang Siudi, starring Maggie Cheung and Emil Chau; “The First Intimate Contact” (2000), starring Jordan Chan, Shu Qi and Chang Chen. Other films include American indie film “Milk & Fashion”, “A Rainy Summer”, “Women On Call’, “I Only Care About You”, “Lemon Season”, etc. He also directed famous TV dramas such as “The Legend Of Heroes” starring Fan Bingbing, Steve Ma; “The Lost Temple” starring Feng Enhe, Hong Jian Tao and Fu Jing.

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The Mysterious Manas Jack Feng
Dennis O’Neil (USA) as Johnny Malone
Aaron Ly (UK) as Ma Liang
Jack Kao (Taiwan) as Mai Zhongren
Sui Yongliang (China)as Ye Lin
Wang Longzheng (China)as Boss Du
Tony Payne (USA) as Sam Payne
Zhang Zimu (China)as Ting Ting
Sha Baoliang (China)as Qian Qiliang
Chun Ni (China)as TV host Chun Ni
Zhou Qiqi (China) as Shen Meng
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