A little girl wants to live,
an Olympic champion wants to die,
desperate people are cheated out of their life savings,
a UK factory is in a financial crisis,
two greedy tycoons gamble their fortunes,
four terrorists take hostages because of a cartoon.
Will they all be wiped out by a nuclear war?
What kind of hope can the legendary Jack bring this time?
“Pegasus - On the Brink”-- a movie you'll want to see again and again.

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Production Companies Macau Lotus Satellite TV Media Limited
Hong Kong Unicorn Arts Limited
Presented by Huaya Lu Tung, Feng Zhongyun
Genre Drama
Executive Producers Huaya Lu Tung
Producers Li Zisong, Roy Chin
Line-Producer Sam Lai
Directors Roy Chin, Yu Yu
Screenwriters Feng Zhongyun, Yu Yu
Running Time 95 minutes
Release Date Coming soon in 2016

Dennis O’Neil (USA) as Johnny Malone
Aaron Ly (UK) as Ma Liang
Jack Kao (Taiwan) as Mai Zhongren
Sui Yongliang (China) as Ye Lin
Wang Longzheng (China) as Boss Du
Tony Payne (USA) as Sam Payne
Zhang Zimu (China) as Ting Ting
Guest Star    
Sha Baoliang (China) as Qian Qiliang
Chun Ni (China) as Chun Ni